From Joseph B Stephenson’s writing

“All my desires and goals in life were based on three great principles: Wisdom (not education); Power (not dominating power but the power to heal the sick, the power to restore hope where it was lost); and Love (love that would embrace all the human race). These are things for which I have lived.

I have watched the process of time and evolution in the creation of this wonderful world, the Creator’s gift to man. As in Creative Healing, all of man’s greatest inventions have been based on the “Creative Principle,” perhaps unconsciously.  How much more could be done if the Principle were consciously applied?

Where did the Creative Principle originate? It is the Creator’s Principle-a gift to man that can be passed down through the ages to anyone who would help suffering humanity.

Through this Principle we don’t “try” to do something. We do it. We don’t “think” something, we know it.  We don’t try to see, we see and as we follow on that path we advance in Wisdom and create our own Power. Eventually we become so strong and healthy in ourselves that we are able to help those less fortunate; we are able to love them, and the three principles of wisdom, power and love so intermingle in our lives that we cannot help but use our selves for the benefit of a greater humanity.

For me the highest and most noble end that can be attained is total health. There is so much sickness in the world today and the creative instincts of most people have been channeled into scientific research. Science claims wonderful credits and discoveries, yet I feel the toll of experimentation has been too great.  With much scientific experimentation one has to take a life in order to discover how to give a life.”