Developing and Using Intention for Creative Healing

In learning Creative Healing, we have the 7 principles to refer to in regards to the physical use of our hands, while we are told to use our minds clearly and creatively to apply our intention to create the desired outcome of the hand applications.

As the use of intention is often a new concept to the student, we build knowledge of the use of intention by working with guided meditations for clarity and grounding, and by helping students to visualize specifically what our hands are working to create in the body using the simple and powerful movements as described by Joseph Stephenson.

Intention is not just the ability to imagine, or to create an image of harmony in the body, although that helps us do so. Intention is not the same as channeling light or energy to another being. In fact, in Creative Healing, we are asked to stay apart from the use of our own or cosmic energy in doing the work while simply trusting in the innate healing ability of each body when blockages to natural flow are cleared.

The feeling state of intention could best be described by the words “focused presence”. While we do the proscribed hand movements, our thoughts, senses, and awareness are to be fully present to the moment, in a meditative state, being open to guidance and in touch with unconditional Love, which is the Universal Creative Principle.

Our hands act as scanners, gathering information from the tissues, as the body’s need draws us to the blockage and shows us where and how to work.  As the need is experienced, the appropriate hand movements are applied as the mind is directed to “seeing” Principles doing their work to balance temperature, break up congestion, create a vacuum, reposition substance, and/or center substance for harmony. The more detailed our ability to “see-feel-hear-taste-anticipate-create” the clearing, the more physical reaction is created in the tissues.

Conversely, if the mind is wandering to the grocery list or our own emotions, the healing presence is withdrawn and feedback and guidance are diminished.

The power of Creative thinking is a synergistic energy, so when two or more minds are directed to the same purpose, the result is more than doubled. Therefore, as much as possible, we engage the patient to increase the intention and their permission to heal by telling them what we are doing and what we hope to accomplish, and by asking for their impressions, feelings, and focused intention.  With children, it’s easy to make a sucking sound as we tell them we are vacuuming clean the sinus and they will immediately participate with a sense of joy. It helps to create a meditative environment and to invite our patients to turn their awareness inward to their sensations in the moment at the beginning of a session, and then continue to guide their level of awareness as we “share” presence with them. The true power to heal is in them: their continual consent and choice is imperative to the process.

The hand movements of Creative Healing are potent in themselves, but you will notice that the “miracles” happen only when we are fully present in the Creative Energy of the Universe. In our ability to be fully present, we embody our Higher Self, joined with the Higher Power of Creative Intelligence, and that is truly Creative Healing.