1. Sit in a comfortable place; it’s best not to lie down.
  2. It is easier to elicit the PR in the same place and time of day while creating a good habit. Try to keep your meditation place separate from other activities to give it a sacred feel.  Unplug the phone, put up a “do not disturb” sign, and put your pets in another room…they love this energy and can be distracting.
  3. Sit opposite a clock, when you think your time is up; open your eyes slowly to check the time.  If time is up, slowly get up, if not, simply close your eyes and go back to what you were focusing on.
  4. It is quite normal for thoughts to come and go as you elicit the PR.  Simply notice that your mind has wandered, passively ignore the thoughts, and go back to what you were focusing on.
  5. If you regularly exercise, try eliciting the PR immediately after you exercise: the sense of deep relaxation should come more easily.
  6. Try not to elicit the PR when you are very hungry or when you are full.  Try having a glass of juice or a piece of fruit if you are hungry before sitting to meditate.  Wait a few hours after eating a full meal.
  7. It is suggested that you sit for 10-20 minutes twice a day.  If you can’t do the full time, try focusing on your breath for even five minutes.
  8. The only “bad” meditation is one not done.
  9. Focus your mind on a thought, word, or image, or on your breath to elicit the relaxation response. Let other thoughts go by without attention or judgment.  Keep bringing your thoughts back to your focus intention.