Creative Healing
 is a natural health care system consisting of gentle, specific and effective hand-on applications of easily understood principles of healing that anyone with willing hands and a loving heart can do.  This is a health insurance program that will never let you down and will allow you to be pro-active in your own and your family’s health needs.  Creative Healing effectively treats high blood pressure; arthritis; chronic back & neck pain; sinus, hearing and eyesight problems; headaches; digestive disorders; kidney and bladder problems;  colds, flu and very much more.  In each of the following topic areas, specific hands-on treatment, diet, attitude, beliefs, lifestyle and herbs will be discussed as part of your education in holism and self-responsibility.

Introducing Creative Healing

Introduction to the principles of  Creative Healing; breaking up congestion, creating a vacuum, normalizing temperature, re-positioning substance, centering up, staying grounded, and connecting to Creative Life Force.

Applications of the principles in the General Treatment, which also reduces hypertension, with an opportunity to experience and give the treatment yourself.  Questions and discussion of how the principles can best be applied to your specific issues with demonstration of techniques.

Cold, Flu and Allergy Care

We will discuss how we get colds, flu, and activate allergic reactions, what we can do to avoid these conditions and how to treat them once they’ve begun.   Specific applications for fever, congestion, sore throat, ear pain, lung congestion, headaches and the flu spot.

Headache and Neck Pain Relief

Specific applications of Creative Healing to relieve headaches and neck pain, including facial pain and paralysis and cervical injuries.

Building the Immune System

Self care applications for immune strengthening and recovery from immune deficiencies.  Treatments for the liver, kidneys, glands, and spleen.

Creative Healing for Hypertension and Heart Conditions

Discussion of high blood pressure as a circulation problem that can be relieved through right application of the principles.  Care of heart murmurs and heartbeat irregularities with Creative Healing. Understanding the mechanisms creating the problem in order to relieve it.

The Nature of Healing

Discussion of the principles of healing, what Creator intended for self healing, and how to best access your own healing ability.  What does disease mean? How does wellness feel?  Emphasis on self-responsibility and self care.

Women’s Health

Self healing for endometriosis, fibroids, infections, infertility, menstrual & bladder problems.

Men’s Self Care

Prostate & bladder problem prevention and treatment 

Self Care for Digestive Disorders

Covering indigestion, ulcers, gall bladder and liver diseases, diabetes, constipation, malabsorption syndrome.

Restoring your Back to Health

Hands-on treatments for back problems, movement, rest, diet consideration.

Arthritis Relief

Care of the joints involved and prevention of further problems.  Diet and herbs.  Water treatments.

Chronic Chest Conditions

Clearing the lungs, treating asthma, cancer, emphysema with simple hand-on treatments and home care.

Creative Thinking

Training yourself to center, ground, create and protect appropriate boundaries.  Use your mind intentionally, aligning with the Universal Creative Force, to change your life.

Creating Peace

Meditation, movement, affirmations, creative visualization for stress reduction and inner peace.

                Any of the topics above may be tailored for presentations from 45 minutes to three hours for any size or type of group.  All classes are experiential and practical. 

Creative Healing Training

The full training, covering the principles and applications for 60 common health problems, is offered in 30 hours of instruction, arranged as needed for the particular group.  An excellent training for your family health assurance,  and for integration into many health professions.

Taught by Sunny Stephenson, RN with 40 years experience blending Medical and Holistic Healing.