What if there were a form of health insurance that would never turn down your request for care, cancel you for over-use, or raise the premiums, yet it was available for any problem you encountered, always treated you with respect, and offered a completely holistic approach to healing?

Does that sound like an impossible dream? In today’s world of big business health systems, it certainly isn’t our usual experience.  We all have our horror stories about our failing system of health delivery.  It’s frightening to be ill and not trust that you can get the help you need, or to feel helpless to help directly.

Good News! There is an alternative, practical health insurance protection plan. There are no regular monthly payments or big investments to make except in your level of knowledge.

This insurance plan has worked for many families for over 50 years since its inception.  It just keeps getting more effective with time and practice.   I’ve seen pneumonia, hepatitis, headaches, sciatica, gall stones, carpal tunnel syndrome, endometriosis, infertility, bunions, arthritis, and immune insufficiency (just to name a few) improve greatly or heal completely.  It’s a miracle only because the body is miraculous by nature.  It was designed to heal itself.

The catch is, you will be required to learn to use your hands, heart and mind in a focused manner and to trust in the natural ability of your body to heal itself.  You will be given specific techniques to assist the nature flow of healing.  No one outside of yourself has the power to heal you.  That power is built into each of us and is our gift and responsibility.  Learn how to access your perfection and clear blockages to good health.

So what is it and how do you sign up?  Creative Healing is the name of this remarkable service.  Developed by Joseph Stephenson in the first half of this century, it is a powerful system of gentle, hands-on massage-like applications of the laws of natural healing. In just a few days, you can learn the basics needed to take care of your family and yourself.  This may sound too good to be true, but Creative Healing is simple, practical and effective enough to do the job. The Stephenson School of Creative Healing teaches experiential training in the principles of Creative Healing and the specific application of the principles for 60 different conditions for head-to-toe health care.  We also offer lecture demonstrations at the location of your choice by arrangement and have short classes on specific areas of treatment.  These classes increase your understanding of the miracle that is your body, train your hands to create what your mind intends for health, and deepen your intuition, intention, self-knowledge and trust.