Layers of Change

Dear Sunny,
Thank you so much for the work we did together a few weeks ago. It seems like my whole life has opened up since then, not only is my body feeling better, but I’m meeting lots of new people and feeling attractive again after a year of loneliness, my business is suddenly increasing, and family communications are easier. How can that be? I don’t understand how Creative Healing can affect so many areas of my life. Could you explain please?

Thanks, Rose

Dear Rose,
The effect you describe of opening more fully following your Creative Healing session is a common experience. You’ve asked a deep question that deserves a deep answer.

All of our life experience comes through our perceptions of reality. When we are in our own center of being and are comfortable in our skin, the world not only looks different, but is different. We see things from a different angle and create our reality from a clearer sense of who we are. Doc Stephenson is said to have based Creative Healing on what the Master Jesus told us about being able to do all He could do and more, if we only know who we truly are. He taught us about using our intention to “see it already done” and “see the person in the Perfection Creator intended” while we use our hands in any application of the principles of Creative Healing. Doc told us that we’d get 80% improvement with just the hands-on applications. While knowing it can be done and “just doing it” makes for miracles.

We create our own reality. What we believe, feel, think, expect, are fearful of, desire, are attached to, or try to control, shapes our experience and magnetizes to us whatever we think/feel/fear the most.

What we shine into the world, we get back. If we expect others to misuse us, we will never see who is good to us. If we expect kindness and are kind, we will encounter kindness more often than not. If we believe that we are too fat, too tall, too ugly, too much, not enough, that will then be our experience.

In addition to releasing the specific blockages to the flow of Life Force in your physical body, we brought attention to the emotional issues and what your mind was doing with your experiences. Your mind changed as you became more aware, more conscious. Change your belief and you change your life. You experienced something different in yourself through the experience of your body opening. Your body is an extension of your mind, of your being. Everything we have ever experienced is stored in the physical body. In fact, sometimes when working to release pain in the body, memories of past trauma will come up as though it is wired into the scar tissue. Our body is formed through our consciousness. Lasting physical change comes through changing our beliefs as much as through releasing the scar tissue that limits the physical substance of the body. We have mental/emotional scar tissue too. Re-framing how we hold a belief, or a situation, or a relationship will change corresponding holding patterns in the body. When we feel unattractive, what we communicate with our body language, word use, tone of voice, manner of dress, facial expression convinces others that we don’t have much to offer. Our beauty comes from expressing self as fully and openly as possible, so when we are in our center and feeling good about ourselves, that beauty is communicated. We have choice about what we project when we stay conscious.

Everything is energy and consciousness. Life Force simply is. Everything is created out of the same energy. I think of us as individual cells in the body of Creator. We reflect and shine Creator in our very Being. Let the truth of who you truly are shine from you always!

In Love & Light, Sunny Stephenson, RN