Joseph Stephenson’s Suggestions

For administering and teaching Creative Healing

  1. Perform Creative Healing only to benefit someone who asks for help, not just to show off your ability, nor for promise of reward.
  1. Never work on anyone against their will.
  1.  The only way to truly understand Creative Healing is to experience it.
  1.  Be honorable in representing the work.
  1.  Do not show partiality. Serve any one who asks.
  1.  There is no such thing as an “extra good treatment”. Therefore do not be persuaded for any reason to do other than what is necessary to accomplish the task.
  1.  Don’t refuse to help just because a person is unable to pay.
  1.  A Creative Healer is not any other kind of therapist, unless so trained. Do not diagnose, prescribe nor give prognosis. Do not remove a dressing or cast applied by a doctor.
  1.  Make no claims or promises. Help when asked, but don’t tell anyone what they must do.
  1.  Do not talk down about another person and keep confidences.