Intensive 5 Day Creative Healing Course

Mark Your Calendars – August 26th – 30th – A 5 day Intensive
Creative Healing Course!


“Your hands and minds can be trained to heal, and the capacity to heal is within each of us,
should we chose to engage it”

Sunny Stephenson, RN, Creative Healer/Master


Blue healing Angel Creative Healing

What is Creative Healing?

Creative Healing is a profoundly effective “treatment specific” therapy based on the body’s ability to heal itself once a blockage has been removed!  It’s about how we use our minds to heal, trust in the Creator, Nature and Common Sense.

Learning to become Present and to align yourself with the Universal Creative Force for the purpose of restoring Harmony.

Joseph Stephenson, the Originator of Creative Healing, told us to “see the job already done” in our mind’s eye as we begin the necessary actions to relieve the condition.

Intention is the underlying power in this system of healing, as all the the principle actions can be done in your mind without laying  a “physical” hand on the one in need of healing.

Mr. Stephenson also told us that “anyone with a Loving Heart and Willing Hands can do Creative Healing”.  Sunny amends this phrase by adding “Intentional Mind.”  One more quote from the Master Healer, “If you only do the proscribed hand movements, you will get results 85% of the time.  When you “Intend”, you will get miracles of healing.” 

Call Sunny today to get your questions answered (916) 216-6161 – this is a 5 day Intensive Course – Click Here to review the Syllabus.



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