“A New Way to Relax – Meditation”

  • The world today is very demanding, and can move way too fast. When it does, it can be hard to really concentrate on what you are doing in the here and now.
  • Under stress, we tend to dwell on the past, where we experience regret and guilt. We may also wonder anxiously about our future, becoming worried and afraid. Both extremes add to our stress. Why? Because we can’t do anything to change the past and worrying about our future is wasted energy.
  • The only control we really have is over the present moment. Your interest in meditation can be a great strategy for learning to live more fully in the present.
  • All people have the ability to meditate. Great athletes can meditate naturally. It’s called “being in the zone.” You can see the intensity in their eyes and we are amazed at their ability to tune out screaming fans and other distractions during competition.
  • Let’s use meditation to help you rediscover the joy of being in the present moment. It is easy to do. There is no wrong way.

Meditation: A Present to Yourself

The Basic Meditation Steps.

  • First, find a quiet, comfortable place.
  • Focus on something very specific, in this case, your breathing.
  • And, finally, each time your mind begins to wander, gently bring it back to your breathing without judging how well you are doing.
  • To begin, close your eyes and mouth and gently place your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
  • Begin by taking slow, relaxed belly breaths.
  • Like a child, become curious about your breathing.
  • Pay attention to each part of the breath cycle: the inhale, the turn (where you stop and get ready to exhale), the exhale, and the pause (just before you breathe in again).
  • Notice the sensations during each of the four phases.

They may not all take the same amount of time. Just accept your natural rythm and then silently begin to say: “Inhale . . . turn . . . exhale . . . pause. Inhale . . . turn . . . exhale . . . pause.”

Repeat this pattern silently to yourself for as long
as you are comfortable.
Some Meditation Tips:

  • Gradually work up to 15 minutes or more each day
  • Any time you get distracted while meditating, use it as a reminder to relax more deeply and focus on your breathing.
  • When your mind wanders, gently direct it back to your breathing.
  • Consider buying a meditation tape or making your own. (Ask me about a Script)

If you are in the Rancho Muerita area, and are looking for relaxation techinques, please contact me for meditation tips and guidance.