Hints for Creative Healing Students from Mr. Stephenson

“It is as though the Creator knew things would go wrong with the body, so it was made to be repaired from the outside. You can tell what principles and applications to use by what part of your hand fits in the space.”

“We treat our patients very gently, working only with a gentle healing touch that well expresses our reverence for the body.”

“Creative Healing always works with the body and nature. No one gets a reaction from a Creative Healing treatment; the result is only action.”

“The student need not be fearful of doing any damage, even if he does no good.”

“Only a lazy person can perform Creative Healing. The energetic person can easily overdo his performance. It is only necessary to do what is needed. Remember, there is no such thing as an extra good treatment.”

“If you do not know what to do for someone, place both hands palm down on their body at the site of the pain or dysfunction. Knowing will come to you.”

“Keep your work between your hands. Keep both hands in contact with the body even when only one is working.”

“Massage generally stokes only towards the heart, Creative Healing does not have this rule. Creative Healing makes positive use of gravity by having the patient sit upright for many of the treatments. Creative Healing is not just massage. The movements are definite, not indiscriminate…the decisive difference goes on in the mind of the healer.”

“Incorporating arcs and spiraling motions into the treatment will increase the effectiveness of the treatment in restoring life force to an area.”