The Heart & Soul of Sunny’s Healing is a sincere respect and infinite curiosity for the Body/Mind/ Spirit’s miraculous ability to heal when given the right impetus and help. We are all natural self healing agents. We have an inborn guidance & repair system. Unfortunately, our culture and beliefs often impair our ability to access our own healing. We forget who we really are and what we are capable of, in fact, we may have never learned about this talent, or had it discounted and have given up on “taking charge” of our own bodies. I believe that our personal Will is part of the source of Creation. I don’t mean will-power that makes us do what we don’t want to do, like work-out or diet, but our true Intention. Many Spiritual texts claim that we are as Creator, and that we have the same ability to create when that is the intention of our Will, as we are cells in the body of Creator. Conscious and unconscious Intention determines what happens within and around us. This is the motivating force behind 40 years of service to, and study of, healing. I have seen more miracles than I ever dreamed possible. Even the simple relief of pain is a miracle, but when cancer disappears, crippling from stroke improves, gall or kidney stones or ovarian cysts dissolve, or depression lifts, then I know that you and I are working together correctly to create your good health and well-being. This is my full Intention while working with you.

I see myself as a nurse-midwife to the natural process, a wellness coach. I know many techniques to release blocked energy, but without your willingness, that may not do as much good. It is not something you needs to believe in, rather, just to be open to the possibility of. Sometimes, we may get more out of our illness than the mind sees. It may be a teaching tool, or a way to get the attention we sorely need. When that is so, then I help a person to understand what beliefs or thoughts are in the way of their healing. Sometimes I use gentle hypnosis or guided imagery, sometimes, we talk it out to see the patterns that can be changed. I have studied about 65 different systems of healing: Medical Nursing, Chinese, Osteopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Native American Medicines, Reflexology, Psychology, Reiki, Herbs, Nutrition, Biofeedback, Yoga, Meditation, many types of Massage & Energy Healing. I specialized in healing abuse survivors for 20 years, and understand addictive behavior also. This knowledge is blended with loving compassion and humor to best teach you how to care for yourself. Trainings available.

I desire to help people really feel better, physically and emotionally. It’s my nature to nurture and feel fulfilled when I can help, and am extremely fortunate to have found a way to express my calling. Some think that massage is a momentary indulgence, something to just relax. While that is important, my own health has taught me that these therapies are life-saving. I would not be walking without this help, had I believed my doctor when I was 22. Instead, I found another, more viable way to live. So can you!