Healing Ceremony

  • We begin with a sage ceremony to clear energy & create sacred space.
  • Herbal Tea suited to your needs.
  • Detoxing Ionic Foot Bath.
  • Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage while feet are bathed.
  • Luxuriate in your massage as I devote my hands, heart, intuition & intention to your highest good.
  • Enjoy an Ayurvedic facial as we embark on an energizing & healing meditation honoring your mind, heart, physical body & spirit as you fill with light and strengthen your connection with heaven & earth.
  • Experience vitalization of your chakras & energy body. Feel fully empowered & safe as you are wrapped in an energetic cloak of protection & blessed for balance & peace.

Plan for a 2 1/2 hour Session ~ $175
Call Sunny today to schedule your special
Goddess session.

If you are in the Rancho Muerita area and are in need of a Healing Massage, please contact me.  A natural massage is just what the stress-laden spirit needs.