In Creative Healing, the neck is seen as the most vulnerable area to fluctuations in the body’s normal temperature, as it is highly sensitive to changes in external temperature, yet all the nerves, blood, lymph, zones, and some of the Meridians must all pass freely through the neck to maintain health. We see the importance of supporting normal temperature by  protecting  the neck and head from drafts and temperature changes by wearing covering over the head and neck. We also think that the health of the glands located in the back of the head and neck are indicative of the constitutional strength of the body.  In order to most quickly and efficiently access and treat the most layers of tension, we start every session with the General Treatment.

We will use each of the governing principles to remove any impediments to the natural flows.

Blood pressure is not a heart problem; rather, it is a deficiency in the circulatory system that can cause difficulties for the heart in the long run.  The most common

cause of high blood pressure is how we deal with stress.  When we hold it in our muscles…the tighter we are, the more compression there is on the blood vessels, resulting in increased blood pressure.  By reducing the tension in the tissues of the neck and shoulders, we can increase the ease with which the blood flows through the vessels, lowering the blood pressure and reducing the stress to the heart, preventing the heart from developing problems over time.  Here’s an ounce of prevention that is only good and fun. Our treatment for high blood pressure is the same as the general treatment, just done longer, repeating the sequence three times.

The treatment is easier to give with a little massage oil (olive oil works well) on your hands, but can easily be done without, or through clothing.

Step one:  Stand behind your seated subject, placing your hands on top of their shoulders. Your fingertips will naturally reach into the hollows at the lower front of the throat. This small triangular space is defined by the ridge of muscles on the top of the shoulders, the base of the neck, and the clavicle bone. Break up congestion in the small soft hollows by gently making tiny soft circular motions with the pads of your fingertips only, moving the skin against the tissue beneath.  Use only the gentlest of touch here. With your right hand, the circles will be clockwise, while your left makes a counter clockwise motion, similar to the breaststroke on a small scale. Make the motions somewhat pulsing by using having the downward motion be firmer than the upward to create a pump for the lymph fluids. Move around the triangle with small circles, rather than one large circle encompassing the whole area.  Imagine that you can break up sand to move through a sieve. While your fingers do their magic, use your palms and fingers to massage the muscles with the same motion and intention. Do this for 1-4 minutes.

Step two:  Place one hand to lightly curve around the base of the skull, fingertips behind the ear.  Your hand will cradle the shape of the head and neck, while maintaining a slightly cupped palm and your middle finger raised higher than the others. Stroke lightly downward, towards the filter area you just cleared in step one.  This movement is just like petting any other creature, always repeated in the direction of the fur, or in this case, the flow of circulation. This stroke is light and quick, with occasional firmer strokes.  Clear one side at a time, doing each for 1-4 minutes.

Step three: With a firm, yet respectfully gentle touch, break up congestion around the base of the skull, clearing the area from behind the top of the ears and down. You can also firmly draw your thumb from behind the ear to the center of the base of the skull on each side.  Then return to step two, clearing the neck downward for a few minutes.

Step four:  Work the shoulder muscles and between the shoulder blades with your hands, softening the tissue to relieve tension.

For a general treatment, this takes about 10 minutes.  For high blood pressure, take 20-30 minutes, repeating the steps three times.

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