Creative Healing

30 Hours of Instruction Gives You Tools for Head-to-Toe Health Care!

About the Teachings and Writings

You Are A Natural Healer

Creative Healing is a profoundly simple
hands-on expression of natural healing principles, utilizing intentional thought
to address almost any health issue.

The physical contact is gentle and non-intrusive out of respect and trust in the miraculous
healing nature of our bodies.

It is versatile and effective enough to be integrated into any health care practice,
yet simple and direct enough for
family health assurance.

Learning to use the principles & experience
great results offers self understanding and personal empowerment, teaching trust
in intuition and the intentional use of the
mind. These are transferable skills to
all areas of our lives.

Creative Healing offers a way to make
conscious the process of healing; it clearly details what is needed to free physical blockages in any disease inhibiting the
body’s natural healing ability.

This system provides you with an “Owner’s Operating Guide” problem-specific
applications based on the universal
principles of healing.

Principles Guiding of Hands & Mind

  • The body operates best at normal temperature – Our palms remove or add heat to restore normal temperature
  • Congestion impedes the flow of Life Force – Soft circular pulsing motions made with the soft pads of palms & fingers break up congestion
  • Life Force is carried in blood, lymph & nerves – Gentle repetitive stroking along lines of natural flow create a vacuum, draining and flushing congested organs & tissues
  • The body as a construction of Creative Intention composed of space, fluids & substance – Reposition substance like clay with intentional thought & specific hand actions
  • Centering will balance us – Gently rock substance to find it’s own center of comfort, as we center our minds on the image of perfection
  • Be grounded in the Natural World – Live as your most natural Self. Follow your instincts. Be in the moment.
  • Align with the Creative Life Force to co-create the perfection of Creation

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