Creative Healing History & Principles

The General Treatment

Joseph B. Stephenson was the originator of Creative Healing. He worked with hundreds of thousands of people in the early half of the 1900’s in Pennsylvania, and then retired to Long Beach, CAto continue educating his first student, John Hunt and to train several others. Many of the 2nd and 3rd generation Creative Healers have contributed to the preservation and dissemination of his knowledge.  I was blessed with learning from several of his teachers. One of my teachers, Patricia Bradley, compiled notes from all the other students to preserve them in writing. We will draw from all of this combined knowledge and my 40 years doing the work to pass on this information to you. The text book is

The Stephenson Method of Natural Health Care

Creative Healing

and is available on It is a very valuable text for any one to have for their own and their family’s health. It is rather like a cook book, with recipes for 600 different conditions with the proscribed application of the principles of Creative Healing.

Mr. Stephenson was able to perceive with very clear inner vision, and benefitted from direct experience with his Healing Guides and the Master Healer, as he called Jesus.  His journal tells of visions and training on the other planes.  He was a man far beyond normal thought and perception. By all accounts, he worked with about 100 people a day and had a cure rate of 99%. He was known to be able to be in 2 locations at once, to heal from a distance, to create substance out of nothing when it was called for, and to heal when no one else could help.  Much of his understanding comes from this inner vision and connection to spirit. He claimed that he had learned these techniques over many lifetimes, that Creative Healing was an ancient art practiced by many people over time, but lost today, until he began the work of restoring the knowledge to the world as he felt it was his mission to do.  Before his death in 1956, he predicted that his work would not gain public acceptance for another 50 years, when people would be more open to taking responsibility for their own health. As I have studied 65 healing systems from around the world, I can see how acupuncture points, magnetic healing, osteopathy, lymphatic drainage massage, visceral (organ) massage, Swedish massage, all have similarities to Creative Healing techniques.

Mr. Stephenson described the body in a similar way to what the physicists tells us today, by saying that the body is comprised mostly of space, with a little substance irrigated by fluids.  By acknowledging that we are 99% space on the molecular levels, and only 1% substance which is irrigated by 50-80% fluids, it is easier to conceive how we can easily manipulate the substance within all that space, once the fluids are flowing and substance is more pliable.  We think of the body as clay while working to more easily affect it.

He saw the mind/body as a closed interdependent system of tubes, various sized parts with specific functions, liquids, solids, and lots of space, that has the intelligence to operate correctly because the Creator made it to self correct.  We can assist the natural intelligence with intention to heal by knowing how to relieve the blockages that can easily be corrected from the outside of the body.  While the body appears as a solid mass, all the parts within are malleable within the framework of the structure.  He taught how to locate and correctly apply the principles to best affect healing; leaving us with specific directions or recipes for nearly 600 health conditions.  His simple explanation of the tubes and flows, shapes and spots helps the lay person better understand where they live and how to care for the body temple. Someone with medical knowledge can only become better informed by his vision of the body.

We are taught that anyone with a loving heart and willing hands can easily do Creative Healing.  He said that just applying the hand movements correctly as he proscribed would help at least 75% of the blockage at hand.  However, if we are to visualize the intended action completed and health restored, while we apply the hand movements, then we can create miracles of healing, just as he did on a daily basis. How we utilize our Creative Mind is the key to restoring true balance. The “Creative” in Creative Healing is the powerful image in the mind of the operators that their hands intend to create changes or remove blocks within the body to heal itself.  Visualization, Mr. Stephenson said, is the one of the greatest powers endowed to humans and is still not developed to its fullest capacity for positive use. Use of the Creative Mind, which is able to tap into the Universal Creative Force, is what separates Creative Healing from massage.  Our hand movements are determined by the condition and how the principles should be applied to create change.

Mr. Stephenson’s primary students discerned four principles that comprised his work.  I have seen that there are three more guiding principles. When I look at any healing system, I can see that these same principles are at work.

  1. The body operates best at normal temperature. Our palms have the ability to detect areas of the body that are above or below the temperature of the surrounding skin, indicating inflammation or low blood circulation; oiled hands on the skin can withdraw or add heat as needed to restore normal temperature.  Heat is removed by the palm of the hand with fingers extended,  either barely touching the skin or just above the body, we “create a cool breeze” from our palms. This can also take out pain quickly.  Restoring heat to an area is done with less oil on the palms and use of both hands to create friction with a light fast hand over hand movement.
  2. Congestion impedes the flow of Life Force. The pads of fingers and palms can be used to gently break up congestion with soft, circular, pulsing motions that do not glide on the skin, but work the tissue just beneath the skin.  One must work from the outside of the bruise or blockage instead of at the core to allow circulation to get the blockage and carry the material away as it is broken up.  When we work to break up congestion deep in the body, the motion on the surface remains gentle, with the intention directed exactly where it is needed inside.
  3. Life Force is carried in the blood, lymph, nerves and energy lines within the body. Gentle, repetitive, one way stroking along the lines of natural flow will create a vacuum to restore the flow, helping to drain and flush the congested tissues or organ. The vacuum stroke is usually done with gingers or a thumb with a light pressure.
  4. The body is a purposeful construction of Creative Intention composed of space, fluids and substance that can be manipulated by our hands and intentional use of the mind. The substance is a word Stephenson used to include nerves, organs, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, or tendons. When any one of these is not in the correct place, it will cause problems and pain. We use our thumbs or our whole hands as described in the specific applications to Reposition substance like clay. We work to reposition bones by changing the softer tissue around them.
  5. Everything has its rightful place and operates best in the center of its position. Center up by gently rocking substance to find its own center of comfort, as we center our minds on the image of Perfection intended for the body.
  6. Living comfortably in the Natural World assures balance. Live as your most natural self by following your instincts and inner guidance and keeping your feet on the ground so your eyes can perceive higher good
  7. Creative Life Force is Perfection. Align with the image of perfection to re-create it in the body.

 The practice of combining and applying these four principles fosters creativity in the Creative Healer’s power to visualize.  You will notice that all the recipes for healing put most of the principles into action.

Olive Oil as the perfect medium for Creative Healing

Mr. Stephenson preferred that olive oil be used for Creative Healing as he claimed it was too dense for germs to live in.  He suggested washing your hands prior to working, then applying a thin layer of olive oil to your hands as though putting on an invisible pair of protective gloves that can then be washed off after your work is complete with the person.  He thought it the softest oil that provides a consistent lubrication medium that allows your hands to glide smoothly even when perspiration is present, but also furnishes a most effective medium for heat transfer, both for detecting hot spots and for withdrawing heat from the tissues.  In general, it is compatible with most skin types.  Olive oil is highly nourishing to the body. When someone is unable to take food or is wasting away, olive oil bath immersion is suggested daily for 20-30 minutes to help maintain the body.

The General Treatment

The general treatment is given to everyone, either as a specific treatment or in combination with other treatments.  The general treatment improves circulation throughout the body by clearing the neck of obstructions and tensions and creating a vacuum along the lines of flow in the neck.  It is a good way to start any session as you can easily assess the level of anxiety, nervousness, or tension in the person through contact with the neck and shoulders.  Touching someone in this manner will help to ground and calm them, if you are grounded and calm. With someone who is very nervous, it is best to give it at the beginning along with stroking down the back and shoulders and half way down the arms in long soothing strokes.

The entire body is nourished with the nerve energy that passes through the spinal cord and the nerve roots, as well as through the correct circulation of blood.  Mr. Stephenson saw it as the job of the Creative Healer to make sure that the nerve and blood life got to its proper destination. He said we performed a great service when we correct the flow of nerve life because it is the “governor” and director of all the vital functions, even that of the circulation.

Because we are upright creatures, Creative Healing is done with spine upright as much as possible to enhance the circulation of blood and nerve life through the body.  When the patient is seated on a bench, with feet flat on the ground, they are in the optimal position for naturally realigning normal function to hasten whatever healing must take place with the hands-on applications of the principles.  I find that I can more easily feel the structures around the spinal cord when a person is seated upright.  I can also see more clearly how they adapt to gravity, and how the curvatures of the spine are shaped by their tensions and stress.

The intention of the General Treatment is to open circulation by relaxing the tissues of the neck and shoulders.

  1. Break up congestion in the filter areas that lie on each side of the neck in the triangular area bounded by the ridge of the shoulder, the collarbone and base of the neck.  With olive oil on your hands, stand behind the seated person and place three fingers of each hand on the filter areas, while your palms rest lightly on the patient’s shoulders and your thumbs touch at the back of the neck.  Very gently, make breaking up circles slowly over the entire filter areas within the hollow, moving the skin on the surface over the tissue beneath rather than gliding on the skin. Your right hand moves clockwise, while the left hand moves in a counterclockwise circle, as though you are doing the breast stroke in miniature within the hollows. A slight pressure is applied on the downward movement toward the heart. Continue breaking up congestion for 1-2 minutes.  You can feel how congested the fluids are by how full the hollow is and what type of congestion is within.  It may feel puffy, hard, have grains of sand under the surface if congested, or may feel open and soft in good health.  Visualize that you can break up the particles so they better fit through a sieve, sending the congestion through the filter.  These circular motions force thickened blood to break up finely enough to prevent it from posing a threat to vital areas of circulation.
  2. Create a vacuum to decongest the channels in the back of the neck.  Much of the return circulation from the head to the heart is regulated though these channels starting just below the mastoid bones and emptying into the filter areas just cleared.  Clear one side of the neck at a time as you begin because it can release trapped toxins and wastes so fast that your patient may become faint or nauseous if both sides are done at once.  Start on the right side, supporting the person’s head gently with the left hand while the first 3 fingers of the right hand create a vacuum by stroking only downward.  Keep your middle finger in a prominent position, slightly above the other two, to increase the vacuum action. Repeat the gentle but rapid stroking downward for 1-2 minutes, starting just beneath the ear from the base of the skull to the filter area you previously cleared.   Then treat the left side in a similar fashion.  Lastly, again break up congestion in the filter area to complete this step.
  3. Break up congestion in the muscles of the upper back and drain tension from the tissues with gentle stroking like creating a vacuum by placing your palms on the back, below the shoulder blades and work up very gently to the shoulder ridge in a circular motion with the whole of the hands.  As the hands glide upward, move the thumbs in and out toward the base of the fingers in a kneading motion. Maintain your palms in contact with the skin.  This combined rhythmic movement causes a gentle jiggling motion that eliminates contractions that cause tension and pain. You can also use your thumbs vertically stroking more deeply between the shoulder blades to the spine.

 This application should take from 3-5 minutes, but may be longer if the tension requires further care to release. You may find that you want to break up congestion at the base of the skull also. After both sides are clear, you can create a vacuum with one hand, the thumb on one side and the fingers on the other, to further clear the channels down the neck.