Creative Healing Eye Treatments

Enhancing Distance Vision

Mr. Stephenson believed that any part of the body that did not get enough nourishment would show weakness.  When the eye sight begins to dim and one can not see distance well, sufficient blood is not being delivered to keep the eyes in their natural, healthy state. Lack of circulation to the eyes may be the beginning of a cataract. If the eyes are properly nourished, they will be strengthened and will return to normal. This treatment is also useful for astigmatism, double vision which requires holding pressure for a few seconds firmly on the feeding spots during the treatment, or detached retina.

The spots to nourish the eyes are located in two oval shaped grooves on the back of the head- like eyes in the back of the head. Because these points are above the cross over juncture in the nervous system, the right spot nourishes the right eye, and the left nourishes the right eye.  This is a very powerful treatment, so 2 minutes a day is sufficient, never more than 15 minutes in any one week.  The results will begin to be seen within a month. This treatment is simple to self-administer.

Always give the general treatment before treating the eyes so the drainage channels and the filter area are ready to receive more to process.

To locate the points, with the patient sitting before you while you stand behind, support their head with your left hand on their forehead, and use the right hand thumb and middle finger to find the grooves, which are within the suture line between the plates of the skull.  Locate by drawing a line from the corner of the eye to just below the tip of the ear lobe to the depressions that are about an inch from the ear.  They may be very congested, but will still feel spongier than the surrounding tissues.

When giving the treatment to yourself, use your thumbs in each groove and let your fingers and palm surround your head for support.

Breaking up congestion to create drainage, Perform the circular massage upward and toward the opposite eye, with the pressure more on the upward stroke of the circle, moving the tissue along with the fingers. The movement is continuous as a slow, rhythmic motion, without any pressure on the downward stroke to create a pulsing motion.

Never feed the eyes if there is swelling or inflammation. Refer to the Withdrawing treatment.

Raw Milk Compresses for cataracts

      Use pads soaked in raw milk, at room temperature, on the closed eyelids for 15 minutes, several times a day while reclining.

 Withdrawing Treatment for Inflamed or Bulging eyes

Always give the General Treatment first.  This treatment is given when one or both eyes are severely congested to withdraw congestion, as in thyroid condition with bulging eyes, red eyes, conjunctivitis, injury causing swelling, to relieve pressure as in glaucoma, eye fatigue, light sensitivity, or for the feeling of sand in the eyes. Sometimes, if the feeding treatment is too long, the eyes will become inflamed, so this is the only time when both treatments are given at the same time.

To locate the spots, find them about ½ inch below the depressions for feeding the eyes and slightly closer to the ears in the same groove, usually even with the canal of the ear.

Using the same hand position, thumb on one side and middle finger in the other spot, again Break up congestion to create drainage with vacuum by circling with your whole hand downward and away from the eyes.  With this repeated motion, you are creating a vacuum through which the congestion may drain. The pressure for this treatment is much lighter than for the feeding action and more rapid. During the 10-15 treatment, reorient yourself to the right position as it is easy to slide off point. These points affect the eye on the same side as the spot, unlike the feeding spots.

For glaucoma, after you have reduced the pressure, then you will feed the eyes in future treatments to clear the vision.

All vision distortion or pain can be helped by massaging above the ears, using the pads of your fingers in a Breaking up congestion motion.

Strained or Tired Eyes

The patient sits with the Creative Healer standing on the right side.  Place your left hand on the back of the patient’s head. Place the thumb and middle finger of the right hand behind and below the outer corners of the eyes within the soft part of the temple.  Perform Breaking up congestion massage, moving the tissue upward and forward, continuing to a point just above the outer end of the eyebrow.  Relax contact and return to the starting position and repeat for 3-5 minutes. The touch is very gentle.

Dry Eyes

Locate the small grooves at the outward corners of the eyes in the soft area. Place a forefinger on each groove and gently massage toward the eye and upward. This will stimulate the secretion to the eyes and they will feel better.

All eye treatments can be self-administered.

Blocked Tear Duct

      When the duct is obstructed, we can create a vacuum  and Break up Congestion to restore drainage by using the tip of the little finger, starting up as close as comfortable to the inner corner of the eye on the side of the nose, draw your finger straight downward toward the antrum spots at the base of the nose.  This stroke may cause discomfort as the obstruction is broken up as it feels like broken glass under the skin.  Continue the strokes for 3-4 minutes, the eyes will tear and all discomfort should be gone by the end of the treatment.

Twitching Eyelid

This involuntary disturbance usually only occurs in one eye and is often caused by a slight displacement of one or two fine nerves that lie in the bony notches where the eyelids meet at the inner or out edge of the eye.

With the tip of your index or little finger reposition the nerve in its notch with delicate up and down movements. Center up the nerve in the notch, intending to bring it back into the line of the eyelid. If the twitching lid draws to the outside, work at the junction of the eyelids at the outer edge of the eye. If the twitching is toward the inside, work at the inner meeting of the lids. If the twitching is more generalized, work both inner and outer nerve repositioning.

In some cases, the motion is felt by the patient, but cannot be easily seen, to treat this condition, use the edge of the the last joint of the forefinger to scrape upward and then outward along the lower edge of the frontal bone from the bridge of the nose to the notch referred to for the upper sinus.  Hold in the notch for several moments with a firm pressure and then release gradually.  The object of this treatment is to Re-position the nerve in its notch.