In this case history from Joseph Stephenson’s journals, we see several important teachings about Creative Healing:

“Do you heal by Faith?”

“No, only by common sense” JBS

That is why CH is so effective.  It works within natural laws in a very practical manner.  It’s not fancy nor complicated, but direct and to the core of the problem.  As long as we understand that the circulation of life force is what heals the body, we can figure out where the blockage is likely to be in any circumstance and simply apply the principles of breaking up congestion, creating a vacuum to encourage flows, normalizing temperature and repositioning substance. Common sense says that before we feed the eyes,  we would do a general treatment to clear the neck and filters to boost the effectiveness of the general circulation.

Perhaps it is in having faith in common sense and natural law that we can be most effective in all ways.

“How long do I have to wait?”

“You don’t have to wait, but if you want to, it will be fifteen minutes”

I notice how JBS gives the responsibility to the patient.  Healing is not required nor is serving someone against their will.

“I can see those houses across the street”  He was afraid of me.

“Didn’t you come to get your eyesight helped?”

“Why, yes, but I never thought it would come that soon.”

Expect miracles. It’s only natural. Results follow intention.

Case Study

A formerly vibrant post-menopausal woman presented a complicated picture of symptoms including epigastric pain, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, insomnia ,  “panic attacks”,  hot and cold flashes, occasional spotting, rapid loss of  visual clarity. Her MD named a rare auto-immune disease that acts like an allergic reaction to her own eyes threatening blindness.

During the general treatment, I found the tissues of her neck and shoulders to be congested and tender.  Her thyroid area also felt full of congested fluids.  She confirmed that her recent blood tests showed irregular thyroid activity.  I treated her by breaking up congestion around the gland, and creating a vacuum from the gland to the heart channels as explained by JBS.  Then I treated her eyes to withdraw inflammation from the eyes, broke up congestion all around the base of her head and vacuumed downward to the filters.  My hands found a need for repositioning substance, smoothing the contours of  her neck and vacuuming further.   I then checked her spine to make sure nerve life could feed the organs of digestion well. Her spine showed signs of downward settling and off-centered substance around the Kidney spots.  That was enough reason to treat the kidneys, if common sense hadn’t already told me the her fear, exhaustion, and immune deficiency would indicate a need for kidney support.

She moved to the table then and I relaxed her face and neck with gentle attention to increasing the flow of Life Force, lifting her tissues and resting my hands over her eyes while I held her in the image of perfection. Noting that her breath was high and short, I administered the treatment drawing the ribs back to their normal position so she could take a deep breath.  This released much of the epigastric pain as I continued to vacuum downward from mid-sternum through the solar plexis, and to firmly draw trapped gas out of her chest as taught for indigestion. Then I treated her digestive system giving full attention to each of the organ, finding the tissues congested, tight, and cool.   I found the nerve outlet for feeding the spleen to be blocked, so it was corrected.   Because her stomach had been so upset, I also used the basic heart stroke to soothe the area and noted that the red spots indicating ulcers arose on the skin as I worked to normalize temperature in the area.  Her pain decreased to nothing as we worked to restore harmony.

In recognizing the importance of digestion and metabolism to the body’s ability to function in immune health,  I continued to focus on digestive harmony over subsequent weeks, and gave her suggestions for simplifying her diet, increasing fluids, eating frequent, small meals of soft, bland foods, cooked rather than raw vegetables.    This supported her bowels in healing the irritation over time.  We noted that each time she had a bad episode of digestive upset, it was preceded by an emotional upset.  She needed encouragement to express the emotion in more direct ways, and to see the world though the eyes of the higher mind so as to flow with change more gracefully.    This was not a case of a “quick fix”, but rather, a gentle nourishing and re-creating of health physically and emotionally.   Her eyesight improved almost immediately as the lesions healed quickly, although not yet perfect it continues to improve.  Her thyroid values are normal as is digestion and bowel function.. She still has occasional short periods of anxiety, but she has learned that an attitude of gratitude, calming meditative practices, a good diet and rest help her get through them more easily.  If she had chosen to stay trapped in fear of her lower mind, she would not have made the necessary life-style and belief-system changes. Then no amount of hands-on healing could have kept her well.