Creative Healing & Meditation Classes Offered!

Will travel to teach groups of 4-10 people . . . . . . .
Can be taught in (5) days or (2) Weekends

Click Here for the Creative Healing Class Syllabus

New: “30 Hour Course” Creative Healing Classes
Twice a month (Wednesday evenings)
Learning Self Care and Family Care ~ learning specific treatments for everything from Headaches to Bunions.
Creative Healing combines many healing techniques from all over the world ~ it can look like Reflexology, Acupressure Points, Visceral Massage (organ drainage to address things like Gall or Kidney Stones or Fallen Bladder) Lymphatic work, Soft Osteopathic like movements for re-positioning Nerves, Soft tissue and Joints, Cranial Work, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, Psychic Healing & Medical Intuition.
Yet, it is an American made Folk Medicine that speaks in lay language and teaches practical health assurance. Most of the remedies come out of the kitchen, if not from your heart and hands.

My great uncle, Joseph Stephenson, developed the system in the early 1900’s. He taught that anyone with willing hands and a loving heart can do Creative Healing. I would add that developing an Intentional Mind is part of the training, learning to “see it already done” as we do the specific hand motions needed to un-block the natural flow of Life Force impeding good health and comfort.

You will learn how to lower a fever, hypertension, swelling and pain.

  • Classes can be taught in Living Rooms
  • Classes can be taught in Office Space
  • Tuition $700
  • Organizer can get half off for groups of 4-6
  • Organizer can get full tuition in exchange for organizing 7 – 10 students

Class will increase your intuition, strengthen your use of Intention, and raise your confidence in your ability to help others by teaching self-healing techniques.

Meditation Classes ~ Interested? I have had some requests ~ so if you are interested in this Click Here To Email Me.