About Sunny’s Healing

When I was seven years old, my mother began to teach me some massage techniques to help her and my father with their sinus headaches and shoulder tension. From then on, I have been drawn to help anyone in pain. Touch is a very natural form of caring for me. I started working in hospitals at age 13 as a volunteer, then in the diet kitchen and cafeteria for the remainder of high school. At 17, in 1967, I went to Kaiser School of Nursing inOakland, choosing hospital training rather than a degree program because it put me at the patient’s bedside much faster. I worked my way through college as a nurse’s aide. When I graduated at age 20 in 1970, I was immediately put in charge of a 38 bed medical floor on the evening shift. Even then, with so many medical treatments to do, I was known for the extra time I gave to patients for massage and foot reflexology. I worked in all areas of the hospital, including Surgery, which gave me a much clearer vision of how the body functions and is inter-connected.

At age 22, my back, neck and sciatica were so painful that the doctor’s predicted I would be in a wheelchair before age 30, having been thrown from a horse when I was 7 seriously damaging my neck & head, and having been in 2 car accidents as a passenger which damaged my back and neck further. I refused to believe that pain medication was the only help available, so I began serious study of Bodywork therapies that included acupressure, Polarity Therapy (a blend of Eastern Medicine and Osteopathy), Reflexology, Esalen/Swedish Massage, Yoga, and Ortho-Bionomy( another Osteopathic release therapy). Both of my children had learning disabilities that further inspired studies of different healing techniques.

I realized that the body is not separate from the mind or emotions, so I studied meditation, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Bio-Energetics. I moved from Medical Nursing to Psychiatric Nursing for 5 years. Then I became a Pediatric Advice Nurse and Outpatient Oncology Nurse for Kaiser Oakland for another few years. There, I taught one of their first classes in stress management.

At age 30, I left Medical nursing altogether to do Massage Therapies and Counseling full-time with theBerkeleyHolisticHealthCenter. I continued to study, adding Reiki, Energy Healing, Psychic Development, Deep Tissue Work, NeuroMuscular Therapies, Touch for Health, Kinesiology, Human Sexuality, Parenting, & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (a client-directed form of hypnotherapy). I was a sponge for every form of healing I could find. As I studied and worked at healing others, my own body kept functioning better than had been predicted by medicine. InBerkeleyduring the 1970’s, BodyWork teachers came from all over the world to teach, and I soaked in everything system I could learn.  I found that my best form of Nursing is hands-on, where I could have follow-through with my patients and came to understand their emotional/physical connections. Many families used my services, from babies to great-grandparents.  I taught classes and then joined the staff atHeartwoodCollegeof the Healing Arts in Garberville to teach full time, all the while learning more techniques and deepening my understanding of human nature.

I learned that I am an Empath: I feel other’s pain and discomfort, I often can “see” their life experiences when I touch them and know where patterns began.  That led me into specializing in working with survivors of physical and sexual abuse for the next 20 years.

At age 33, I moved with my children toConcord,MAand started the firstHolisticHealthCenteroutside ofBostonandCambridge. I continued to teach and do healing work. There I added several more areas of study including Jungian Psychology, Psychosynthesis, Applied Resonance Therapy, Native American Healing and Medicine Wheel, addiction and sexual abuse therapies, astrology, mythology, and some Ayurvedic medicine.

During that time, one of my clients told me about Creative Healing which her parent’s taught. Creative Healing originated with Joseph Stephenson inPennsylvaniain the early 1900’s. When I saw his picture, I realized I had been “hearing and seeing” him since my early 20’s as my healing spirit guide. He called me “great niece” and always seemed to give me the right way of helping someone. So I then returned toCaliforniato study with John and Patricia Bradley, the parents of my client. For the next 5 years, I immersed myself in learning this very comprehensive healing system, learning from several others who had studied with Mr. Stephenson. Since then I have taught hundreds of students. It is a very direct and simple manner of gentle touch that is specific to the client’s problem.

I have integrated Creative Healing with the other 65 plus systems of healing studied and continued to grow and work with my hands and heart to help others with the intention to heal.