About the use of your Hands

In Creative Healing

Your hands will develop a mind of their own. Trust them. Wash your hands before and after each treatment. Use which ever hand is the better trained. Keep yourself comfortable so you can continue the stroke until the results are achieved.

You will gradually acquire the ability to recognize the condition of the patient through the feel of the skin.  You will come to sense the quality and degree of health and where Life Force is obstructed.

Do no probe while hunting for a contact point. Let yourself go directly to it and trust that you will be right 99% of the time. Be confident in yourself so that patients will feel safe in your hands.

It is not possible to draw out heat in another if you are not at normal temperature yourself.

Use olive oil for treatments. After washing your hands, apply the oil like a protective glove for your own hands, and wash that off after the treatment. Stephenson claimed that olive oil was too dense for germs to live in.  It is  very soft oil that provides excellent lubrication and glide capacity thereby serving as an effective medium for the transmission of information and sensation. It is compatible with many skin types.

You will learn to read function and health in the flow of energy and its obstructions. You will develop functional vision while employing the proscribed hand movements of Creative Healing, as they impart kinesthetic experience of body wisdom.  Your awareness and functional vision will continue to grow long past the time of your formal instruction in the techniques.  Trust in yourself and in Nature.

Mr. Stephenson gave this analogy that can be applied to may situations; “You know that there is a right way to do anything, even to strike a match. If you strike it too heavily, it breaks: if too lightly, nothing results. Strike it just right and you get the correct result every time.”  Endeavor to develop your intention and train your hands to the correct technique.